Celebrate The First Dr. Lillie May Carroll Jackson Legacy Celebration

In Baltimore, Maryland
(May 24 - 27, 2018)


Dear family members and guests:

The 2018 LMCJLC committee is very pleased to announce the details of our very first legacy celebration. LMCJ family members, friends and guests from across the United States and Africa will attend the celebration,  for many it will be their first time seeing the renovated and revitalized Museum. This is our opportunity to socialize, share our rich history, and create new memories.

We are honored to plan and host our LMCJLC. We have worked hard to put together 4-days of activities and entertainment that we believe will be enjoyed by all.

We have a busy schedule of activities each day and have a few blocks of free time to spend with whomever you please, however, make the most of your time sharing and developing new connections with family, friends and guests.

Baltimore, Maryland is a great central location for our family as it serves as a convenient location for most that still live in the Baltimore area. In addition, Baltimore has the Lillie May Carroll Jackson Museum, along with many attractions in the Inner Harbor and Historic Sites.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions.


Your LMCJLC Planning Committee.

In this LMCJLC Registration Packet, you will find:

  • Schedule at a glance
  • Hotel Information
  • Registration Form
  • Contact information
  • Things To Do